obscurity on a stick

Sometimes Iowa can be so wonderfully cliche. The Iowa State Fair is basically 11 straight days of some of the most wonderfully cliche Iowa imagery the imagination can conjure up. I was lucky enough to spend four or five days out at the fairgrounds covering the event. Plenty of people claim that Iowa's state fair is unique. In fact, after 11 days you get a little tired of hearing about it. But after some in-depth research (lots of people-watching and my share of fried, batter-dipped, chocolate-covered "food") this state fair aficionado can attest to the obscurity that's on display here in Iowa. Everything is over the top and cliche. Although that may sound like a snide let me assure you it is a compliment of the highest order. Don't believe me? Please review some of my favorite moments from the 2013 State Fair. des.m0816statefair.cl004 des.m0816statefair.cl006 des.m0816statefair.cl018 des.m0816statefair.cl020 des.m0816statefair.cl026 des.m0817statefair.cl013 des.m0817statefair.cl016 des.m0817statefair.cl018 des.m0817statefair.cl020 des.m0817statefair.cl024 des.m0817statefair.cl025 des.m0817statefair.cl026 des.m0817statefair.cl027 des.m0817statefair.cl031 des.m0817statefair.cl040