covering the big game

Sometimes it happens in a car driving down the road under a bright blue sky. Other times it happens when I'm walking through downtown on a coffee break. A couple weeks ago it happened on the sidelines of a football game. Every so often I'm overcome with this wave of gratitude, shock really, at how fortunate I am to be working a job that I love so much. Everyday I wake up with the opportunity to create, which is something I am so thankful for. The CyHawk game is one of those annual events that people plan their lives around. It's huge in Iowa, drawing tens of thousands of people from across the state. This year was the first time I had covered the game since I was in college and given the unique interest people have in the rivalry I thought I would attempt something a different. Not everyone gets free reign of the facility during this game and with my unique access I thought I would shoot some video and share what it is like to cover the game. I also shot a lot of photos, which you can see below. des.s0915cyhawk.cl1453 des.s0915cyhawk.cl1528 des.s0917football.cl1426des.s0915cyhawk.cl1663 des.s0915cyhawk.cl2285des.s0915cyhawk.cl2074 des.s0915cyhawk.cl1547 des.s0915cyhawk.cl2247