half way home

Now that we have reached the half-way point of the High School football season it seems like a reasonable time to pause and reflect on a few of the highlights so far. I've covered several really great games so far and with a gorgeous new Canon 1-Dx in my arsenal the prospect of covering sports every Friday night is once again thrilling. Event the blow-outs like the 55-7 game I covered last week are a blast. Here are a few of my favorites thus far... des.s0917football.cl001 des.s0917football.cl008 des.s0921urb.dowling.cl1256 des.s0921urb.dowling.cl1263 des.s0921urb.dowling.cl1385 des.s0921urb.dowling.cl1504 des.s0921urb.dowling.cl1556 des.s0921urb.dowling.cl1641 des.s0921urb.dowling.cl1834 des.s0928roos.wauk2517 des.s0928roos.wauk2669 des.s0928roos.wauk2725 des.s0928roos.wauk2767