ISU men’s hoops media day

As we near the half-way point of the college football season I guess this is as good a time as any to begin to shift our gaze down the road to the coming college basketball season. This week the Iowa State men's basketball team hosted their annual media day and I was able to try out a couple new techniques with some of the athletes. Not long ago my company aquired a ring light and ever since I have bee n looking for the right setting to break it out. Using this piece of equipment is a little awkward and a little unlike any other portrait lighting technique I've ever used, so it's only natural that my first handful of attempts turn out, well, not so great. Before the players were available my photojournalist friend Scott Morgan and I tested out our ideas on each other; one of the truly fun parts of having photographer friends. des.s1011isuhoops64391277797_10153261218650538_4793167_oAfter a few minor adjustments on the fly I had the talent step in.des.s1011isuhoops6493Once I had tried it a few times with a few different athletes I went back to the old standard softbox for a few frames.des.s1011isuhoops6495 des.s1011isuhoops6523