ISU vs Texas

Last Thursday I was assigned to cover the Iowa State vs Texas game up in Ames. As college football games go this one was pretty thrilling. It was packed with great action on both sides of the ball and went back and forth before Texas pulled ahead with a highly contested touchdown drive in the final minute of the game. There was everything you could ask for in a game and after spending the evening running up and down the sidelines it took me a solid day and a half to recover. Here are my favorite moments from the game. des.s1004isu3946des.s1004isu3221 des.s1004isu3944des.s1004isu3969des.s1004isu3953des.s1004isu3958des.s1004isu3968des.s1004isu3951des.s1004isu3965des.s1004isu4238 des.s1004isu4568 des.s1004isu4777des.s1004isu4117 des.s1004isu4179 des.s1004isu4231 des.s1004isu4771 des.s1004isu4831