same game, different place

The high school football season has reached the proverbial home stretch but over the last several weeks it's been nothing but away games for me. After spending mostly all of last season and the first half of this one covering schools in the Des Moines metro area I've been thankful to pick up games in the communities surrounding Des Moines lately. From Dallas Center-Grimes, to Perry, then a trip up to Ames, I've really enjoyed shooting games in different venues. There are new routines and rituals and new players and settings to adapt to. It's really been a blast. des.s1012DCGsaydel6561 des.s1012DCGsaydel6759 des.s1012DCGsaydel6879 des.s1012DCGsaydel6922 des.s1012DCGsaydel6932 des.s1019perry.adm8513 des.s1019perry.adm8545 des.s1019perry.adm8588 des.s1019perry.adm8634 des.s1026ames.johnston2018 des.s1026ames.johnston2060 des.s1026ames.johnston2167 des.s1026ames.johnston2362 des.s1026ames.johnston2544 Now it's looking ahead to the playoffs which start Wednesday and end next week at the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls. Should be fun!