the ups and downs of high school sports

Occasionally I get a brief respite from the daily grind to stop and reflect on the road that got me to where it is I find myself. I'll preface this by saying that I will not be offended if you, dear reader, would prefer to bypass my introspective meandering and cut straight to the photos... But for those of you who look to gain insight into my work, my process, read on... I spend a lot of time out covering high school sports. I mean, a lot. And recently, it seems, by virtue of the schedule I work, I have found myself shooting more sports than ever before. In the past few weeks I've covered state cross country and volleyball tournaments as well as a handful of prep football playoff games. Although I would  never introduce myself to a stranger as a "sports photographer" it seems like more and more... well... If the shoe fits... This venue (my blog) seems as good as any to admit that I have always tried to be a "glass half full" kind of guy. In this crazy and constantly changing world of photojournalism it's so easy to get burned out, believe me, I've been there. But what has worked for me through all those long days, and seemingly endless sports tournaments, has been an optimistic view of the good things in life. Sports, as it turns out, is a wonderful metaphor for this. There are ups and downs. There are winners and losers. In sports you will often see the pinnacle of human athletic achievement and at the same moment witness the crushing effects of the opposite outcome. I guess in all of this I just want to remind you that there are lessons everywhere. Be a witness and acknowledge the adversity and triumph around you. You don't have to cover sports every weekend to see this. des.s1103statexc3847 des.s1103statexc4177 des.s1103statexc4611 des.s1103statexc4672 des.s1103statexc4725 des.s1103statexc4930 des.s1103statexc4965 des.s1103statexc5044 des.s1109vanmeterogden5906 des.s1109vanmeterogden5922 des.s1109vanmeterogden5945 des.s1109vanmeterogden6008 des.s1109vanmeterogden6038 des.s1109vanmeterogden6187 des.s1113volleyball6693 des.s1113volleyball7445 des.s1113volleyball75445 des.s1113volleyball75471 des.s1116.3Avolleyball3772 des.s1116.5Avolleyball1639 des.s1116.5Avolleyball1647 des.s1116.5Avolleyball1913 des.s1116.5Avolleyball2142 des.s1116.5Avolleyball2197