the buzzer never sounds

Last month I had the good fortune of being assigned to one of those stories that has it all. In the modest photo request pasted into the photo calendar was a brief synopsis describing the story of the boys varsity basketball team at the high school on Des Moines' north side. This story, as it turns out, offered way more detail than could be covered in a photo assignment form. On the surface was a team that was winning games at a school that had been known for losing its fare share for more than a decade. But look a little deeper and you find that these two-dozen students and their coach, a young but inspired leader, was building something much greater than a resume of impressive wins — they were building family. While, admittedly, it may seem like a cliché the bond being formed at North is something special. I encourage you to watch the video we produced and take the time to read the entire story by Register columnist Bryce Miller. You can find it here. des.s0110north.miller10054 des.s0110north.miller10101 des.s0110north.miller10107 des.s0110north.miller10150 des.s0110north.miller10587 des.s0110north.miller10818***