random and recent

As we make the rocky transition from the miserable, cold winter months into the less miserable, still unpredictable months of spring here in Iowa I've been grateful for fewer assignments indoors and more time out working in the daylight. Although days are getting longer the schedule has been relatively relaxed, giving me some time to work assignments a little longer, travel to shoots a little farther and share more time visiting with subjects, which is truly one of my favorite parts of the job. So here are some of my favorite moments from the last couple weeks. Here's to hoping summer isn't far off! des.m0403billiardsdes.s0413ISUspring.cl des.m0410courthouse des.f0414athletesatanyage des.m0409billiards des.m0409billiards des.m0414pulse des.m0331watchdog des.s0413ISUspring.cl des.s0413ISUspring.cl des.0331ypspotlight