the magic of morels

I spent the first week of May working on a personal project about morel mushrooms and the people who hunt these elusive little fungi. Let me start by saying the taste of these things has never appealed to me but I can appreciate the "thrill of the hunt." So, with this interest in mind I set out to round up some of the most eclectic personalities I could find and share a story of the crazy folks who head for the woods in search of treasure every spring. It took a great deal of leg work but the end result was something I felt fell in line with the creative ambitions I had at the outset. Below are some of my very favorite photos from the project as well as a video I produced. For my next project I'm hoping to explore the ring of barn dances across Iowa. Let's hope for the best! Until next time... des.m05xxmorels des.m05xxmorels des.m0510morels des.m0504market des.m0510morels des.m0510morels