random and recent – may/june

I've fallen far behind on posting here so in an effort to catch you up on some of my favorite moments from the past month I'll take a shotgun approach and show you 15 images in no particular order. Maybe looking into the summer months I'll make time for more detailed posts. Probably not though. des.b06XXpork.expo des.f0520missspensers des.b0511datafarming des.m0518uninsured des.m0525hoover.grad.cl des.m0602fatalroad DES.m0603JoniErnst des.m0612worldcup des.s0523statetrack.cl des.s0523statetrack.cl des.s0523statetrack.cl des.s0524statetrack.cl des.s0524statetrack.cldes.s0607statesoccer.cl