Here in Iowa we've been inundated with rain this Spring. Many waterways across the state are still swollen and as rivers continue to rise above their banks small towns and cities are working to stay dry. In June I traveled up to Rock Rapids in Northwest Iowa to photograph the damage after the Rock River crested at 27 feet, almost ten feet above flood stage. Severe weather like flooding is very much a fact of life in Iowa. This year, it seems, we've skipped Spring entirely and transitioned from winter right into the heat, humidity and generally unsettled atmosphere associated with summer. Having lived most of my life in the Midwest I've always enjoyed the thrill that comes with Spring. I have fond memories of waking up to storm sirens at some absurd hour and being shuffled down to the basement to hide under the pool table with my parents. Seriously, it happened many times. Now, through my work at the paper I have a different perspective. I'm also a new parent, which when combined make the prospect of 100mph winds far less exhilarating. I suppose I will always look forward to watching weather develop, I just can't say I'll be excited the next time I have to shuffle my family off to the basement at 1AM.

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