scenes from state wrestling

Few weeks are as busy around here as the week of the Iowa High School state wrestling tournament. For four days thousands of people from almost every small town across the state make the pilgrimage to Des Moines to watch as hundreds of athletes run the gauntlet in pursuit of a title. It's madness. From a spectators perspective it's probably pretty intense, from a photographer's perspective it can be chaos. I'll never forget the feeling of covering my first day of the tournament three years ago. I didn't know the difference between the Bedford Bulldogs and the Bettendorf Bulldogs and without the relative luxury of athletes being numbered it seemed nearly impossible to identify kids. Fast forward to 2015 and covering this tournament has gotten much easier. For how crazy it once seemed, I've acclimated to the pace of it all and find myself far less anxious about the whole deal. So without further ado, here's a small selection from the thousands of images I made. des.s2022.106.1A.cl9248 des.s2022.106.1A.cl9235 des.s0219duals.cl7010 des.s0219duals.cl6725 des.s2022.152.1A.cl9575 des.s2021.2Awrestling9006 des.s2021.1Awrestling8265 des.s0219duals.cl7074