million dollar marathon

Last week I jumped in on my day off to shoot the Million Dollar Marathon as it passed through Des Moines. For those not familiar, the Million Dollar Marathon is an undertaking by cancer survivors and supporters to raise awareness and funding for cancer research. It was incredibly inspiring to watch this group who had been touched by this terrible disease as they trotted through downtown Des Moines together, several finishing a marathon together. There were tears of joy, which really are the best kind of tears. des.m0717marathon012des.m0717marathon014

two quick videos from the weekend

This weekend moved at a relaxed pace, allowing me the time to produce a couple quick videos from the assignments I had. The first was from the Des Moines Arts Festival, which ran all weekend in downtown. The second came from a press release we received from a group called the Department of Zombie Welfare, which is a mock-organization created, in part, to raise awareness for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse. The group was selling these homemade zombie targets at a gun show out at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. I've begun to develop a somewhat predictable formula for these quick hit videos and, to me, they are starting to all look the same. I'm going to have to come up with a new method in the coming weeks to break out of this rut, but for now enjoy these two...

a couple quick ones

With the proliferation of smart phones the demand for online video by our readers (and editors) has grown tremendously. While some in the industry question the tactic of diverting resources to the medium I have tried to embrace it, looking at it as another creative instrument in my quiver. It takes more time to produce a video package and although time seems to be the one variable I never quite have enough of, the challenge and excitement of exploring a new (to me) visual frontier is thrilling. Here are just a couple quick pieces I produced last month.