sweet corn harvest

While living in Idaho my heart always hurt a little when summer rolled around. You see, Idaho is known for potatoes and as everyone knows Iowa is known for its sweet corn and as any loyal Iowan would tell you, there is nothing like Iowa sweet corn. Well after years of missing out on the hallowed tradition of corn on the cob I'm happy to report that I've enjoyed my first helping of Iowa sweet corn in years. As a matter of fact, recently I was lucky enough to wake up at the crack of dawn and motor out to a farm field south of Des Moines to photograph a group of local kids picking sweet corn. Much like when I moved to Idaho and looked forward the cliche value of photographing an assignment in a potato field, the chance to make pictures in a corn field is something I've been eagerly awaiting for months now. It was an absolutely perfect morning. Assignments like these that make me so thankful for the line of work that I'm in. des.b0713sweetcorn003 des.b0713sweetcorn006 des.b0713sweetcorn008 des.b0713sweetcorn010 des.b0713sweetcorn019 des.b0713sweetcorn023 des.b0713sweetcorn028 des.b0713sweetcorn033 des.b0713sweetcorn034

a couple quick ones

With the proliferation of smart phones the demand for online video by our readers (and editors) has grown tremendously. While some in the industry question the tactic of diverting resources to the medium I have tried to embrace it, looking at it as another creative instrument in my quiver. It takes more time to produce a video package and although time seems to be the one variable I never quite have enough of, the challenge and excitement of exploring a new (to me) visual frontier is thrilling. Here are just a couple quick pieces I produced last month.