a couple quick ones

With the proliferation of smart phones the demand for online video by our readers (and editors) has grown tremendously. While some in the industry question the tactic of diverting resources to the medium I have tried to embrace it, looking at it as another creative instrument in my quiver. It takes more time to produce a video package and although time seems to be the one variable I never quite have enough of, the challenge and excitement of exploring a new (to me) visual frontier is thrilling. Here are just a couple quick pieces I produced last month.

Feeding The Hungry

Last week the Press-Tribune began a five-day series on hunger in the local area so naturally I ended up spending some time lurking in the food banks and local church pantries. Among my stops was the Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church in Nampa, where a group of church members give out boxes of fresh food and various commodities to those in need twice every month. I'm always humbled when I work on stories like these. Spending some time with people who for whatever reason have found themselves on hard times is challenging, but always rewarding. Here are just of the wonderful people I was lucky enough to meet.

Dining Feature

Every so often I get the chance to visit a local eatery and photograph their food and atmosphere for a weekly dining feature we do. Friday I visited a new restaurant called John Doe's, which is a take on your basic pub and grill. They had a few gourmet entrees including a delicious looking New York strip. I don't get to do much fashion or food photography so I always relish these opportunities. Get it, "relish"... Oh nevermind. You can find more about them by visiting their Facebook page.