from drugs to fruit

A few weeks back I met Ulisses Sanchez. Ulisses has a remarkable story. After years of drug use and a living a life of gangs he turned his life over to God and found a new (pardon the pun) zest for life in the craft of fruit carving. Sharing his story was easy, the guy was incredibly passionate. This was one of those perfect scenarios where my job is easy, I'll I have to do is point the subject in a direction and watch them go. When I came to editing this piece I took a few creative liberties, as this was a feature story not hard news. I put it together pretty quickly but was pleased with the feel of the end product. For a while now I've been looking to try some new techniques in video editing as some of my work has become a little derivative in my own eyes. See what you think...

two quick videos from the weekend

This weekend moved at a relaxed pace, allowing me the time to produce a couple quick videos from the assignments I had. The first was from the Des Moines Arts Festival, which ran all weekend in downtown. The second came from a press release we received from a group called the Department of Zombie Welfare, which is a mock-organization created, in part, to raise awareness for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse. The group was selling these homemade zombie targets at a gun show out at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. I've begun to develop a somewhat predictable formula for these quick hit videos and, to me, they are starting to all look the same. I'm going to have to come up with a new method in the coming weeks to break out of this rut, but for now enjoy these two...

dastar bandi at sikh gurudware

This past weekend was an exercise in variety. I covered so much vastly different material that I had to be on my toes every assignment. On Sunday I was fortunate enough to visit the Sikh Gurudware (temple) in Johnston, Iowa to attend a Dastar Bandi (turban tying) ceremony. This was my first experience in covering a Sikh religious ceremony and I have to say it was remarkably fulfilling. The Sikh people are really beautiful, welcoming and open people. They invited myself and reporter counterpart Joel Aschbrenner into their temple with open arms and bright big smiles. They had good food and tea on hand and made sure we were graciously overserved on both throughout our stay. It also didn't hurt that they wore wonderfully colorful outfits inside a gleaming white temple. Great light, great color, some subtle emotion, a new life experience for me... This was a great assignment. des.m0701turbans002 des.m0701turbans003 des.m0701turbans005 des.m0701turbans006 des.m0701turbans009 des.m0701turbans013